Best Plants to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Best Plants to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Health Benefits and Home Improvements


Deadlines, rushed projects, quick decisions: these are what fill up our lives today. In this fast-paced modern world, we need a place that’s put aside for us to soothe away the anxiety and stress of the day. Usually, your home should be your refuge in and of itself already, but much of the time – it’s not.

Whether you come home to a loving but stressful family, or you do your work in your home office, you’re going to need a room that’s for you to get some downtime. This is a safe haven that’s reserved for peace and tranquil calm!

And if you don’t have a place all to yourself, it makes good sense that your bathroom would be the best place for you to get some time to yourself. You take a long bath and decompress without the worries of the world.

In this blog post, we learn how to do that – with plants! Because what better way to keep your bathroom cool and refreshing than elements from Mother Nature herself?

We go over the different health benefits and perks of having plants in your shower and in enhancing your home appeal. Then we look over a list of plants endorsed by our top experts on floristry and home improvement as fantastic plants for high-humidity, low-light settings like your bathroom.

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Benefits and Perks of Shower Plants

There are a number of things that plants do to help beautify your home in itself. But there are far more health perks to having some potted greens or flowers in your shower room!

Besides their aesthetic appeal, they bring a delightful touch of nature to any room and a feeling of peace in your surroundings. This is particularly essential to have in your own private sanctuary. So when you enter that room, you get a good sense of peace and let your stress glide away.

Here is a quick introduction of the various health benefits and rewards that plants in your shower will bring.

Cleans the Air

Several studies in recent years have proven that a wide range of greens and flowers can “cleanse the air”. They absorb the harmful toxins from the air. They remove these dangerous chemicals to keep you taking in clean air. This is best for those who live in cities loaded with smoke from vehicles, second-hand cigarette smoking, and factory smoke.

Sucks in the Humidity

Love hot showers but not a fan of the wet, sticky heat that stays so long after you’re done with your bath? Adding in a few choice plants in your bathroom will get rid of the humidity without you ever having to do a thing.

Way Less Effort for Watering

Well, this one is self-explanatory. Having plants in your bathroom, especially when you’re fond of hot baths and showers, will be one less thing to fret about with your day-to-day plant care.

Happier & Healthier Home

Needless to say, having greens and flowers in your home will lead to a cooler, cleaner, more environmentally friendly, happier home. What else reason do you need to begin placing a couple of plants around your house?

Great Plants to Refresh Your Bathroom

So you want to spiff up your shower but don’t know which plants would be great for that? Here is a list of plants that the city’s experts on flowers and home design recommend for your bathroom and your house as a whole.

Enjoy a greener and cleaner home with a couple of these beauties!

Aloe Vera
Asparagus Fern
Cast Iron Plant
Chinese Evergreen
Lucky Bamboo
Dumb Cane
English Ivy
Peace Lily
Snake Plant
Spider Plant
Weeping Fig
ZZ Plant

Photo by Timothy Buck